80s Retro iPhone Case

Product Code: 80MOBPHN

By today's standards, you'd be forgiven for mistaking a 1980s mobile phone for, well, a house brick, but back in the day these chunky must-haves were the ultimate status symbol!

We've come along way in terms of streamlined modernity and fancy features since then, but the 80s mobile remains a design icon in its own right. And with this funky phone case, you can get the best of both worlds. Simply slot your iPhone into the custom-made holder and capture the look and feel of the 1980s 'house brick' without losing any of your 21st-century specs!

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  • Compatible with both iPhone 3GS and 4
  • Combine the iconic look of an 80's handset with the hi-tech specs of an iPhone
  • Also works as a vertical or horizontal stand for your handset
  • Offers protection against bumps and scratches
  • Fantastic novelty gift
  • Great prop for fancy dress parties
EAN or Barcode : 5060113899248
Item Weight in KG : 0.097
Carton Weight in KG : 8
Carton Quantity : 50
Carton Dimensions : 46 x 42.5 x 28 cm
FOB Available : No
Minimum Order quantity : 12
Battery Requirements :
Recommended Age :
Mains Powered : No
Mains Adapter Included : No
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dgfoord I still remember when phones looked like this!
retrocurt1997 brilliant fun phone case, super for that retro look. good party piece that's sure to get everyone talking. love the simplicity of it.
ryanw328 how cool is this it would be great if i won this.
ThumbsUpWorld Thank you tgm1947 for your query, the case is not compatible with a Samsung unfortunately. Retailers are listed below. Thank you
tgm1947 I would like an answer as to how I get one
AsadGulnawaz funny its like his moving home
peckishere Here I am using the 80's Retro iPhone Case on my Sinclair C5 while using my sharp VZ-2000 boombox (both are true 80s icons)
Faz Two words - Zack Morris
Terryella Im so getting this for my Dads 'Fathers' day present! haha love it!!!
ThumbsUpWorld @Russel Yes it is... Enjoy
Russel is this compatible with the iPhone 4?
Kandi i hear this is available on the market soon, i have pre ordered mine, i cant wait :) massive thumbs up
ottar5623 wow ive finally found this product! ive been looking everywhere for this hilarious phone case... I cant wait until i get my hands on one... absolutely awesome!
ottar5623 wow ive finally found this product! ive been looking everywhere for this hilarious phone case... I cant wait until i get my hands on one... absolutely awesome!