Camera Lens Cup - Black

Product Code: CAMCUP

Fancy yourself as bit of a photographer? Boldly display your photo fanaticism by using this quirky new mug. It looks and feels exactly like a real camera lens and will soon become an essential part of your photographer's kit bag!!

The multipurpose lens cover lid is perfect for keeping your beverages hot and can also be used as a coaster or a novelty holder for your favorite biscuits!

Kick start your day with a coffee in this professional mug!

** Avaliable versions in black or white.

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  • Looks like a realistic camera lens
  • BPA free
  • Biscuit holder
  • Quirky new design
  • Perfect for photographers
  • Holds 450ml
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe
EAN or Barcode : 5060113899132
Item Weight in KG : 0.17
Carton Weight in KG : 7.5
Carton Quantity : 20
Carton Dimensions : 58 x 58 x 25cm
FOB Available : No
Minimum Order quantity : 12
Battery Requirements :
Recommended Age :
Mains Powered : No
Mains Adapter Included : No

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Product Presentation :

Goldfish Black lens cup, received as a Christmas gift. Well made and a fun item.
Goldfish Black lens cup, received as a Christmas gift. Well made and a fun item.
janicetd Love my Camera Lens Cup! I received one as a gift and use it everyday at work when I have my coffee! Loving it!
martinkda Great novelty item and the detail s really good. Bought this as a gift and my friend loved it.
bazzarg First Class Product and looks the part
ell It's amazing, I love it so much. Perfect for all the camera geeks out there :)
janicetd At first glance on Christmas morning I thought this was a real camera lens, turns out it's just a real cup but I love it!
janicetd Time for coffee, surprising how many people ask; did I get a new lens? lol
rebeccamoo Absolutely love this ! It's great for cold or hot drinks and the lens cap acting as a little tray for a snack is great ! Really love this product and would highly recommend.
MarioPWND14 OMG that's good. I love this as I am a "rather keen" amateur photographer. I'd really like this. Could do with some more mugs!
janicetd Enjoying a coffee in the best mug ever made!
janicetd The camera lens cup is a very unique. Product. I had never seen anything like it until I got one as a present. The design makes it look exactly like a camera lens and everyone says how cool it is. The lid stops the hot drink from getting cold or you could use it to hold biscuits. Overall I think that the cup was a very good idea.
nigel50 great idea for a fathers day present
Spursy My son bought me this cup for my 50th birthday (today) And I love it cracking bit of kit ,,great for my days out with my camera and for camping
zeroid Great!! : D
kerusempai Couple Camera Lens Cup gift from my girlfriend working in Emirates, Dubai. Awesome details, THUMBS UP!! (y)
mello0791 Wonderful cup looks like a true lens i love it, perfect to dirk my favourite cocktail!!!!
stueytheround Careful that you don't try to attach it to your camera!
stueytheround My brother bought me this from Menkind in Plymouth. I am a photographer and can confirm that it really does look convincingly like a modern SLR lens. The writing is reminiscent of the famous Leica logo. When used for hot drinks, the outside of the cup can be quite hot and since there is no handle, I would not recommend giving this product to children. It is good fun though and I like it. Ideal for those keen photographers at birthday and christmas time.
owenbyrom Brilliant Product!!! fools many people and even me at a glance when I've put my cuppa down near my kit! Absolutely love it. Only improvement I would make is a screw on lid so I could carry around outside.
janicetd From: Duane McGorman * 208 Jefferson Av * Apt. 209 * Iron River, MI 49935-2278 * email: Thank you
fish4junk Great design, great product... Love it, easy to use & easy to clean thank you Fishboy!
andrzejbania There are a lot of these mug designs on the market and most of them look terrible. This one can fool photographers! Great gift idea :-)
Cocacola186 The best fathers day present EVER
janicetd Lens Cup!
rak1982 Got this for christmas 2012 (though only just seen family so only actually unwrapped it last night!) Its great. Had see in the shops and was on the verge of buying it myself. Looks authentic enough (though to camera buffs you can tell that there is a mix of canon and nikon going on)
janicetd i just love my cup soooooo detailed
ibrasil Excellent product. Will always be present in my work table. I really liked the area that makes rubber safe to handle. (Excelente produto. Vai estar presente sempre na mesa do meu trabalho. Gostei muito da rea em borracha que deixa seguro ao segurar.)
newcastle1 Cool cup. Looks great.
tinlegs A great mug and my black filter coffee cone fits perfectly on top and the lid fits and helps keeps it warm while it filters into the cup
leahangleaa ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CUP. Being a photographer, nothing excites me more than getting a new lens. I also absolutely love tea, put them both together.. seriously what else could you ask for?! AMAZING.
FernandoM A mug, in the shape of camera lens! GENIUS! Got this last Christmas I can guarantee that it will make ANY drink taste a lot better. The rubber area provides enough grip without getting your hands burnt. You can even cover your drink to prevent from getting cold, or use it as a holder for your biscuits. And don't think you wont need it. You're having coffee, you obviously going to have biscuits eventually.
davidconnell Cheers to the capability of goats in Morocco to eat Argon Nuts
thumbsuprob Blending into the studio, the lens mug looks good in its design environment. Great product Thumbs Up!
cs192 Rosie says: "It's Ace!"
mackiwawa This cup is a great novelty item! the rubber grips which serve as grips for changing zoom and focus on a real lens are great for insulating your drink and keeping you from burning yourself if the contents is hot. The level of detail on this product is outstanding as well as the quality of it when looking at its durability. It is a comfortable size to fit in your hand and holds a large volume of drink for you to share of if you are feeling thirsty :) I would absolutely recommend this product and it makes a great birthday/ Christmas present!
brisig My son says; I saw this Dad and thought of you !! Great realistic present and everyone has to touch it !!! Oh, a great vessel to drink out of too.
janicetd great present for your favourite photographer and teacher!
greedyfox Awesome!!!
greedyfox Awesome
hylt Great idea for present. Love it!
southpole Used for stationary
clixon3 I was bought my wonderful 28-135mm lens cup today as a birthday present and I must say I am very suprised how real it almost looks. The other item in the image is a .50calibre bullet converted to a bottle opener! one BIG disadvantage with this product, I actually thought this lens cup was supposed to be like a travel mug. you know, like a normal one, fill it with hot beverage and drink it with the lid on or off. this is not the case, the lid sits on the cup loosely. DO NOT, under any curcumstances, fill it and leave it on the dashboard of your car or anytrhing else like that, if it falls over the lid WILL come off and you will have an entire hot drink in your lap! I tried to put some kind of elastic band round the lip of the lid to give it some kind of rubber seal around the lid and that doesnt work. the elastic bands are too thick. the lid needs to be redesigned if possible with a screwthread mechanism I think. Overall product...... Novelty 5* Design 4* Usability 4* Capacity 5* overall.........18/20* steve dixon clixon photography
janicetd Been logged in 2 your site n found several items I want 2 buy Also put u up on my facebook but cant get into how 2 buy crazy or what HELP
AlexandraTheGreat-0 As a huge fan of cameras and lenses, this mug is genuinely perfect. Photography is my main hobby, and the detail in this mug/cup is amazing. It holds a lot of liquid, and has the cutest holder for biscuits, shaped as a petal lens hood. If only it could multi-task as a real working lens, too!
AlexandraTheGreat-0 As a huge fan of cameras and lenses, this mug is genuinely perfect. Photography is my main hobby, and the detail in this mug/cup is amazing. It holds a lot of liquid, and has the cutest holder for biscuits, shaped as a petal lens hood. If only it could multi-task as a real working lens, too!
janicetd I love my new Coffee Mug. Thanks guys this is a great conversation piece. I want more stuff like this.
garstim06 very pleased with it as i received it for my birthday
lorca snappy drinker !
rosiemac wanted one of these for ages. Woo hoo
makeitfit As a photographer I have been in the unpleasurable situation, that You are not allowed food or drink in a studio. NOT ANY MORE with this fantastic cup, its realistic looks and stealth design allows me to smuggle into studio a cool refreshing beverage ensuring that I stay fully hydrated during the hottest of days or longest of shoots. Its a must have item for any camera bag.
bhooshiar It may look like a camera lens, but no. It is a CUP!
HappyMan Clearly this is a telephoto lens. No, it is. Now don't make me angry. If anyone pours water on it, I'll get radgy. DoNOT take the lens cap off. Don't. Don't! You've poured water on it! What have you done you tool! Oh... Wait a minute! Something's going on here! This isn't a telephoto lens. This is a mug pretending to be a lens. Of dear. I am the tool and the mug.........
Barney421 Dr. Evil's new cup
Zeebojones Loved this product, i received this product as a secret Santa gift at work and love it, great detail and feel. I use it daily. Thanks
neilw Which one is the real lens and which can hold your hot beverages?! This is a great item, and looks VERY realistic - at first glance, it looks like a genuine camera lens, until you start drinking out of it! Nice attention detail, especially nice are the subtle hints that point to it's real use (Macro spelt wrong!) Very fun, and very convincing. Oh, the cup is on the left on my picture. :-)
Tiana I recieved this for my birthday present from my boyfriend... i love it! Thank you!
Cuppa4u This is a really quirky design and great for my work office. The lid can be used as a coaster but i like to use it as a busciut holder :). only downside is it does heat up very quickly!