Touch Speaker

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The Touch Speaker is one of the first devices to use interactive wireless technology to amplify your device's sound. There is no need to configure any wireless settings or plug in cables, just set your device on the speaker and enjoy your amplified sound. With a lightweight modern design finished in a grey silicone protector, this speaker will become your ultimate music travel companion.

Boasting a powerful 2.5W x 2 RMS output, the Touch Speaker is compatible with most iOS devices as well as Android and other phones containing an inbuilt mobile speaker. There is also an optional 3.5mm jack connection to ensure you will always have the option to amplify sound on the go.

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  • Simply place your phone on the speaker to amplify the sound
  • High quality, portable sound
  • Protective silicone sleeve
  • Compatible with most smart phones and MP3 players with external speakers
  • USB or battery powered (requires 3 x AA batteries - not included. Cables sold separately)
  • Optional 3.5mm jack connection (cable not included)
  • Output: 2W x 2 RMS
EAN or Barcode : 5060280493034
Item Weight in KG : 0.176
Carton Weight in KG : 8.8
Carton Quantity : 36
Carton Dimensions : 57.7 x 30.7 x 20.6 cm
FOB Available : No
Minimum Order quantity : 6
Battery Requirements :
Recommended Age :
Mains Powered : No
Mains Adapter Included : No
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janicetd Good
thatmarcmayo Really sweet product, made all the better that I have no idea how it works!
ScarletRuthMargaret Excellent quality and it's so easy to just carry around. It's very economical and so far I have not had to change the batteries or charge it. The sound quality fades a bit as the music is turned up louder, though.
janicetd It's very fantastic speaker , sound good & smart function !! I really wonder after I only placed my iPhone on it and then special louder sound make me dance , THUMBsup !
m5k74n AMAZING!!! - Review by Mohammed Saeed This is such a great product, the way that it makes your phone's music so much louder is incredible! This is very good when you don't want to bring a speaker to the beach or somewhere like that as it amplifies your music as much as a speaker could in my opinion. I have used it several times including in a field! Go ahead and buy one - they're great!
pfcian really simple idea that works very well i am very impressed with this product
digitigger Love this product! Doesn't use up batteries quickly so last for a long time, great sound and doesn't distort sound the louder it gets! Would definitely recommend!
miffysnr Fantastic sound quality. My wife loves it she can listen to ColdPlay.
neilsmith Mankind is the shop i purchased from and they recommended that this would be the best speaker to take on holiday. Very please with my purchased.
lewisrainford we thought it was broken, because we put the phone on the wrong way round, so if anything else is made similar i think you should make it work on both sides, this aside, this was a great product, i got it for my fathers birthday and he loved it, its a great gadget and it amazed my grandparents:) thanks, lewis.
Clappy28 Take this little beaut to the beach, no wires no fuss, sound is epic!! Close your eyes and be transported to the club! Big up
Clappy28 Amazing little product huge sound! Clever & simple design!
kikkawa Great sounding speaker for something so portable and light weight, it is quite loud too! Its great having no wires getting tangle up, so much easier to just place it down and enjoy the sound! I would defiantly recommend this speaker to friends!
Rosscopringle Very good quality speaker. Definitely worth the money. Highly recommend this product.
skram Just got this from my girlfriend for valentines day, its amazing!
Fin695 Great little speaker, good sound and really modern look to it.
janicetd Good product, does exactly what it says on the box!
johns0151 Probably the best present i have ever received! excellent for picnics, BBQ's and festivals. If you leave it on standby it automatically comes on when the phone starts to sound so you can leave your phone on it over night and when your alarm sounds in the morning you have that extra amplification. perfect if you're as lazy as me :D
janicetd Great little portable speaker! Perfect for taking on my ski holiday next week!
Great little speaker, perfect for taking on my ski holiday next week!! Some cables for the ports would have been handy though
kellbellz Great sound and minimal design. Ideal for bbq out on the green.....
TouchSpeaker123 The touch speaker is really loud, its simply to use
MrVindictive AMAZING!!!
Brandit2001uk The touch speaker is an amazing piece of kit. I bought it from the very catalogue and the first thing that hit you is the size of it. It is big enough for my Samsung S3 so it will fit nearly all phones on it. I even tried my Tablet on it and it worked just great. It is very portable and come with a rubber sleeve that will help protect it from the bangs and scratches it will no doubt receive. It is very futureistic in appearance and is powered by 3 AA batteries ( not supplied) It can also be USB powered. It has a 3.5 mm Jack portal for those who wish to plug in your music. All over it is a very good product and all i wish to see now is a case for it so it won't get as damaged trailing it around the country with me
ChesterBenihime Superb product, really happy that I purchased it. Excellent sound quality compared to most smaller speakers and also a wonderful way to enhance your phones volume. Awesome product!
laurieb90 It's really cool! Sound is a little crackly though, and would be nice if it came with a charger and an internal battery.
stevenj147 I love its better than unplugging my dock and the sound quality is amazing.
djatty brilliant cant wait to take my new speaker all over the world in my campervan!
padlock4200 This amazing device is such a brilliant invention! I am so intrigued as to how it works... Maybe I will find out one day! Keep going with your outstanding inventions ThumbsUp, and I will buy, buy, buy!
ayrtonk WOW! Im very impressed, very loud and sounds amazing!
mukeshlad1 Love it!! Use it to play music and even in office meetings
Jpotter941 Amazing, well worth it
charlesandmac MossEisley's JukeBox
mike500uk This is Brilliant. I saw it in the shop and tried it with my phone, it is very loud even better when I got it home. The volume is only half way up in my kitchen and sounds great. Going To stick a video on Facebook now.
Jorob2013 FANTASTIC!!!!! Most hi-fi stereo's have and ipod dock for either ipod or iphone,why havent company's took advantage of this technology,the thumbs up company have done and amazing thing here,just when we think connecting a phone or mp3 player to a speaker was great,now comes connecting with NFA,which is must more neater,less hastle,and you can take it whereever you go.WELL DONE THUMBS UP!!!!!!
micronsteve Great
Ash_smith9 Absolute great buy, I love it!! Never realised how quiet my iPhone was till I used the speaker. The quality of the sound is excellent and it's a great little portable speaker. I will take this everywhere I go! I recommend it to others who like their music loud!!
zebradavid This has to be the most amazing speakers I have ever laid my hands on, I have other kinds of speaker systems, but the sheer fact that you just simply place your device onto the speakers, and boom, there is your music, with no wires and cables, and no set up it doesn't get much better and the sound quality is absolutely immense, well worth the money, and would highly recommend everybody has one of these in their homes