USB Voice Recorder

Product Code: USBVOIREC4GB

Take notes or record conversations with this small and subtle USB Voice Recorder.

Looking just like a USB data stick, this voice recorder is the perfect pocket-sized way to record discreetly or covertly.

It's extremely simple to operate. Just turn it on and it will immediately start recording audio to its internal memory as a WAV file. When you want to play back what you've recorded, simply plug it into a USB port on your computer to copy and save the files and then play them in the same way that you would listen to any other audio or music file.

The USB Voice Recorder charges up when you plug it into a USB port and can record for up to four hours on a single charge.

There are many possible uses for this clever little device. You can make your own notes or use it for taking dictation, or leave it hidden in plain sight to make covert recordings. No one will suspect that it's anything more than just a USB stick!

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  • Memory: 4GB Flash Memory (Up to 40 Hours total recording)
  • Battery: 110MAH/3.7V Lithium internal rechargeable battery. Charging voltage 5.1V.
  • Charge Duration: Continuous Recording time up to 4 hours after full charging
  • USB Transmission Speed: USB 2.0 Maximum 960KBPS
  • Recording Bit Rate - 32 - 128KBPS
  • Audio Sample Rate: 32 KHz
  • Frequency Range: 20HZ—20KHZ
  • Operating System Compatibility: Plug & Play for Win2000/XP/ME/NT/Mac 8.6 or higher/OSX
EAN or Barcode : 5060113894281
Item Weight in KG : 0.01
Carton Weight in KG : 7.5
Carton Quantity : 100
Carton Dimensions : 84.5 x 30 x 23
FOB Available : No
Minimum Order quantity : 6
Battery Requirements :
Recommended Age :
Mains Powered : No
Mains Adapter Included : No

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MarioPWND14 WOAH! Awesome. Love it. Everything covert is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really want one.
Massey717 This little inconspicuous device is a must to record those important conversations! With their permission if needed! Highly recommendable!
Normski Small. Easy to operate. Records well from a distance.
5Digitrec This device has been extremely good. I realy like the automatic voice volume level changer,means audio is recorded faithfully from any person speaking say around a meeting table no matter where they are sitting without having to move the recorder. But you must be very careful that the recorder cable to PC does not accidentally become detached during playback or you will lose the recording. Tip Copy the file before listening to it. Wish I had.
Ian11 Best mini voice recorder I have ever seen
edmund Yet to use for the main purpose I bought it for, meetings. but on testing it very pleased.
peter_bellingham Neat little thing, works well
cornish1 I tried whispering from 2m away. Picked up everything....Brilliant!!
rickriley Excellent little usb 2gb memory stick with surprisingly good voice recording quality. I put it in my jeans pocket and left it recording. The resulting file produced the clear sound of my missus telling me what I'd done wrong that particular day. It would probably be useful for James Bond, but I don't know as I'm not him......... ........I'm actually Jason Bourne and I defeated a baddie with this usb voice recorder by swinging it at a weak point on his head several times (carrying loop not supplied). It was similar to the time I beat up a different baddie with a rolled up copy of Woman's Weekly. Anyhow. Good product. Pow. Blam. excellent piece of kit. the quality of the recording is much much better than I expected. It also has a ssmall eyelet so I can wear it round my neck and record as I am walking or in a ahop or wherever. Brilliant!
albronne.thumbs Does what it says on the tin! Say no more
JBEEBEE Does what it says. Efficient and very effective. Highly recommended.
rogercro not yet tried
JANE very good product but wish you could play back quickly via recorder to check as well as pc connection
AsadGulnawaz It really wicked. If you go anywhere you should take it with you: on meetings and lots more stuff. If anything goes wrong on a meeting or what ever, you will have some proof there in the voice recorder. HD sound. Nice recording.Also people thing its a USB but, its not its a voice recorder.
GadgetNut Definitely, a no frills recorder. No playback facility (except through a computer). On - Off switch, is a bit awkward. In use, I have found that this little item, out-performs, on many levels. Described as a VOICE recorder, this little item does much more. I have recorded myself playing guitar and singing along, with very acceptable results. It faithfully reproduces both instrument and voice recording. This is not the situation with a lot of voice recorders, which will only record voice. Only problem I have found is, positioning the item, so that overload does not occur. It seems to very easy to clip the top and bottom of the waveform, if the input is too close or too loud. (The media player on my computer has the ability to act as an oscilloscope. In the path:- "NOW PLAYING/VISUALISATIONS/BARS AND WAVES/SCOPE") I have also taken the recorder to my guitar class, where I recorded about an hour of, chit-chat and music (the jury is still out on that last word). I dare say that positioning of the microphone, is quite critical. Not much good setting it upside-down on a tablecloth. Who knows? Maybe that will cure my overload difficulties. Must give it a try.
BarneyBear Am very impressed with the USB Voice Recorder, good sensitivity, even from other end of a large room, and so discreet! Marvelous for recording meetings, in combination with transcription or voice recognition software!
pgladdon I can see that this is a no frills recorder, and the Reviews I've read today shows that it is well appreciated. The User Guide is as basic as the Recorder, and there are a couple of points I feel the need of, not covered here. How does one know when the Recorder is fully charged and ready to go? Some kind of signal would be helpful. Not knowing how much recording time one has available at any stage is also a drawback. I would appreciate some hints 'n Tips covering these points as well as anything else that could go to make this my bosom buddy, so to speak!
ernestella Great. Just received and charged it - and it records easily and perfectly.
Lefkelad Worked a treat! Recorded an AGM in a pub skittle alley and it picked up almost all that was said around the room. Subsequently something went wrong with it, so emailed support and had a replacement within 3 days! Well done!
jmm The USB recorder has worked perfectly for my needs. I use it as a dictator and to put down new musical ideas that come to me. It is extremely wll produced and easy to use
bob seems to be very good - how do they do that in something so small!?!
gereatricgeorge have not tried yet asit's charging but very compact if all works well? will be delighted
Toolie Hi i just came across your comment, it is a great device isn't it? Unfortunately you cannot date stamp recordings on the device. The best way to do this would be to say the date/time at the start of the recording. I hope this helps.
Toolie In reply to the comment below. I purchased this product several months ago, its great isnt it? But unfortunately you cannot date stamp recordings on the device. The best way to do this would be to say the date/time at the start of the recording.
babes I have lost the instructions that came with the USB, and need to know how to change the settings so that my recordings are date stamped. Or is this feature not supported. I have tried looking to see if there are any user guide files on the USB for guidance. Any ideas anyone.
Tina Excellent device for recording secret evidence of meetings without anyone knowing, cleverly disguised, well worth purchasing.
boshy I recieved it last week and gave it a quick test, it is fantastic, just what I was looking for and a bloody good price too compared to other voice recorders I've seen, then as an extra's a regular USB memory stick too so I can make voice notes and move my photograps all on the same piece of kit...what a good idea. I have recomended it to two of my mates which I know are getting it soon. about the only gripe I have is that it feels a bit cheap..but hey! it is!...
gadfly107 I have just received one, and I find it brilliant!