Zombie Gnome

Product Code: ZOMBGNOM

This infected ornament will have your friendly garden gnomes running for cover.

Made from handcrafted terracotta and weather-resistant paint, the Zombie Gnome will brave the elements to protect your back garden from intruders.

Don't get too close!

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  • Handcrafted terracotta
  • Weather resistant paint
  • Measures: 28.5 x 10 x 11.5
EAN or Barcode : 5060280492730
Item Weight in KG : 0.75
Carton Weight in KG : 8.2
Carton Quantity : 8
Carton Dimensions : 32.5 x 32 x 66 cm
FOB Available : No
Minimum Order quantity : 6
Battery Requirements :
Recommended Age :
Mains Powered : No
Mains Adapter Included : No

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reece.russell@yahoo. Bought this ad a secret santa present and could not be happier. Might have to invest in a few myself to hide around the house
jimbob love it! Great addition to my garden at Halloween.
FloatyNB1 A boy and his dog out for a walk in the garden!
vanmayan Awesome and cool products!well done!
Duckers999 Excellent x10000000
beesknees61 Adds a quirky touch to a zombie lover's garden! Perfect! =)
richwilson There's something wrong with my gnome. It's awesome!
Jo-ny The Zombie Gnome with f.r...rii.....ends!
Devlino He lies in wait
AlanK Kitchen invasion!
martip The latest addition to the garden seems to already be having an effect... hopefully it will keep the slugs away too....
gringgo668 This is really cool
scienerd News flash! Zombie gnomes spotted in Morley this Christmas, thought to be attacking the garden decorations across the county. Not yet known if they have a taste for human flesh as well as clay
onlyroger Good addition to my collection of 'different'Gnomes
Breines Fantastic gnome arrived today, we love it!!
Cassiebx Love Love Love this gnome! better than all the other boring non zombie gnomes!Hopefully during the Zombie Apocalypse thats sure to come, this Zombie Gnome will save my house!
crack411 this is perfect gift, make me laugh everytime i come home, a good way to keep you smiling
janicetd Mouhahahaha !!!!!!!!!!! :D
Nevertrustahippy This gnome is great, haven't stopped laughing since I got it.
del My fiend arrived safely and is settled in well. He say's its the best gnome he has ever had....
rach87 He's awesome! I love him! :)
ZombieTyson I adore the Zombie Gnome I was given as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. It's staying inside our house as it's now our second pet :)
pfyffo He's back !
neeelix This little dead chap would look at home in any garden, guaranteed to scare neighbours and cats alike!
paramoreRyan Such a great looking gnome. We bought a smaller one to stand in front of it so it looks like the zombie has just taken a bite out of him. Great addition to the garden.
janicetd Love My garden Zombie Gnome!
sulpher83 This is brilliant for every situation. From sitting on the front lawn to joining you in the toilet, while you play on your smartphone.
shadow696 got another zombie gnome for fathers day. he keeps company with the one I already had, talking point of my shelf. they desperately await the arrival of some fresh gnome brains :0)
popeye Fantastic gnome. Husband absolutely loved it as a Father's Day present.
Diddyman Just bought this for Dad for Father's Day. He loves it! But the other gnomes seem a little nervous..
sgtstef i love this I got it as a birthday present. it is brilliant I am going to have to get some more to make collection.
shaun2472 Great gift at Christmas. Birthday in two weeks time, fingers crossed for the 'crawler' then may get them to attack the cat. Will of course submit a video. Excellent product.
wazbino Such a cool gnome, looks like the cats have it coming tonight!!!
morson117 my partner instantly wanted the gnome when she saw it and i cant help but laugh when ever i look at him its brilliant and she thinks he is great
Zombiella Its behind you...Oh Gnome its not. Really impressed with quality of the product. Its well made and a good size to sit in your garden waiting for unsuspecting passers by.
GaZ_D200 Awesome products, not sure our neighbours will agree but never mind. We were going to get several of the standard zombie gnomes last year but didn't get round to it, but once I saw the 'crawlers', I knew what I had to do. Cheers, Thumbs Up!
ksucholotosky I was far too excited to stumble upon this wonderful gnome. I have been searching for the perfect gnome for years now, and I finally found him.
bizarrochick brill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thefidgetmidget I bought the Zombie Gnome as a house warming gift for my party loving friends and although I've not yet witnessed their reactions as I hand him over this evening. He has been practising his crowd surfing so that he will quickly become a loved member of the family. He's great!
live4holidays This zombie gnome is BLOODY AWESOME!!! All the other gnomes should be very afraid!!!!!!
KPreston What can i say, i saw this little fella in HMV and grabbed him straight away. My garden will now be complete with this addition and i could even go as far to say my life is quite complete with him in it (for now). He's well made, not that i'm a Gnome connoisseur, but the little detailed face is great. The only thing that could make this better for me is if i could buy the rest of his little Zombie Gnome family.
MattDaddyCool All of my neighbours have garden gnomes. Old lady went for a pink girly one, burley next door neighbour went for a Boxer gnome (nice touch). I went for something completely original, the Zombie Gnome. Already getting compliments from passers by and even the Postie. Awesome product!
tgmthumbsup Great Gnome. Got him as a present and it looks like he is going to have some fun with the Nativity !
zombiegnome135 Amazing - Super scary!! GOing to be a great addition to the garden furniture, especially next to the chicken coop!
katman Got the Zombie Gnome as a Chrimbo pressie and no sooner had I unwrapped him then he started gnawing on my fingers, as you can see from the pic... Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!!!! Absolutely love it
beachball48 So happy with my new gnome :P My Travelocity gnome is not as thrilled!
kevmalcolm23 Love it, need some more ideas along the same lines ?? 'Mummy' Gnomes, 'Frankenstein' Gnomes etc etc I'd buy them !!
janicetd My sister sent me this for Christmas and I love him. His name is Govenor after David Morrisey's character from The Walking Dead.
peoplers This is Frank. He is a new addition to my family for Christmas and he is definitely one of the best gifts I received this year. My garden has always lacked gnomes and Frank has been a wonderful addition to rectify this. I fully intend to get Frank some more friends to hide around my garden and keep the other gnomes away. Brilliant and I'd highly recommend for the zombie and/or gnome enthusiast.
Lainy_79 Our kitty isn't too impressed but we love him!
janicetd We love our zombie
Rubbaduc Zombie gnome on my skull and eyeball Christmas tree, wha hah hah ha!!!
Tarajean Very cool!! nice touch that the eyes are glow in the dark!!
janicetd zombieeeeees eating other gnomes rrrrrrr
Mamamoo A walking dead lurking in the grass! ✮✮✮✮✮ Awesomeness! He needs some pals to hang with :)
Mamamoo Poor Mr Froggy is gunna get his brains eaten! A garden walking dead nightmare, can you make little friends for him??? ✮✮✮✮✮
Mamamoo Yikesssssssss! He's a ✮✮✮✮✮ walking dead nightmare! Awesome!!!
Mamamoo Oh no, Mr Froggy is F*****! Check out my other photos of Mr Zombie Gnome ;) https://www.facebook.com/MamaMooo/posts/10151611041741360
NonstopeoZ I will love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and call him Gnawed! I was given this fabulous fella as a Burpday prezzie, and just wish there was more styles, so I could have a flesh eating family.
janicetd I want to own an entire horde! This is one of my favorite birthday gifts ever!
daveclarkson need a few more types to complete in to a set,,
Shaz31 Awesome gnome! Will be great when halloween rolls round, but until then it can scare the birds in my garden!
woodison Great item, wife is beyond happy with it and will take centre stage in our Halloween display this year
matguy So much better than your average ordinary zombie... This one bites!! Have had great fun taking photos of him sneaking around the garden and generally doing what zombies do! Looks a treat hiding in the undergrowth waiting on his next victim.