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This funky crayon-style touch stylus will make using your iPhone, androidor iPad as fun as finger painting! Although you might love using the latest gadget technology, you have to admit there's something satisfyingly ‘old school' about holding a crayon. Here's your chance to blend modern technology with retro nostalgia!

The iCrayon has been specially designed to interact with the touchscreens of your phone, iPod Touch or tablet, andconducts even more effectively than your regular old fingers. Perfect for ‘touch typing' or for use with drawing programmes and specialist applications -sure to boost productivity when used with your device. The crayon also keeps your screen free of fingerprintsand isreally handy for those gloved-up winter months.

Occupy the kids by letting them draw pictures on your tablet with the iCrayon - but be sure to hide the real crayons first so they don't get confused.Lightweight and deceptively realistic, the iCrayon looks and feels just like one of the colourful companions from your childhood -but will make you the envy of the touch-screen universe.

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  • Digital Crayon Stylus
  • Draw and play on the iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Made from silicone to work with any capacitive touch screen device
  • Extra conductivity for more effective use of applications
  • Great for 'touch typing' or drawing programs
  • Keeps your screen free of finger-prints
  • Handy for when you're wearing gloves
  • Choking Hazard ' Not suitable for children under 3yrs
EAN or Barcode :
Item Weight in KG : 0.026
Carton Weight in KG : 4
Carton Quantity : 100
Carton Dimensions : 31 x 28 x 35.5cm
FOB Available : No
Minimum Order quantity : 6
Battery Requirements :
Recommended Age :
Mains Powered : No
Mains Adapter Included : No
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neogetz Just received it for christmas. It's really high quality and incredibly responsive. It's a lovely size and weight feeling really comfortable to use.
StupidLittleGenius Submitted for the Draw Something competition that's featured on the front page. It was drawn with my new iCrayon! Yay^^
StupidLittleGenius This is a really great product! It makes drawing on an iPhone or iPad feel just like you are drawing on paper! And the retro look of it is just so fun! The weight of the product is perfect in your hand and all in all it's a really great product! And it's perfect for playing Draw Something too!